Gonzalo’s closer relationship to movement and body work began in the youth in Buenos Aires in an underground theater group which’s main emphasis was on developmental, Psycho-Philosophical research.
During dictatorship In the 1980’s members of the group reunited in London forming a dance and drama company where he was a directors assistant doing mainly photography, stage and props design, cooking and massaging the troupe. Taking part in classes but not performing.
Twenty five years followed dedicating to art and meditation. His main physical work was the hardship of a craftsman his materials being wood and metal, although in those years he also practiced Aikido, studied dance with a Sufi community in Europe and Iran and Hindustani classical music with Master S. Dagar.
In 2010 Gonzalo completed his work as a sculptor and closed the big workshop with the intention of dedicating to movement, his material being the body.
Began practicing Contact improvisation and so he met with BMC® which struck him.
He realized that the study and research in BMC® completed all other experiences and teachings of the past and dived into it completing the SME „Somatic movement education“ program and is at present completing the „practitioner“ program.
His teachers in BMC® were, in order of appearance in his life, Nina Wehnert, Friederike Tröscher, Jens Johansen, Odile Seitz, Gloria Desideri and many others. He also participated in all of Bonnie’s, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, classes during the pandemic.
He is a professional member of the BMCA (Body mind centering association) and Ismeta.
Gonzalo still works in his goldsmith and artist workshop in Bonn, designing, doing graphic work, teaching and cooking lunch.

Foto: Patrick Beelaert
Foto: Leben Nuova
Foto: Patrick Beelaert
Foto: Patrick Beelaert
Photo: Gonzalo Sainz-Trapaga
Foto: Patrick Beelaert